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Shogakkou no Hibi. This game is basically shotacon dating sim created by Akiら wherein you play as a boy who just moved into town and meets a lot of new friends and depending on how you take control of the decisions of your character, you would have different events happening. THE LONG WAIT WAS WORTH IT. I swear. Well, for me, it is very inspired, from the small demo that was released years ago to this major project is truly, undeniably, worth the wait.
There are a lot for me to comment about, and most of them are GOOD comments.
One is the music. If one was to buy this game, they would have gotten their money's worth through the music alone! yes! its that good and fitting!
Another one is the 'theme' of the game. You control a boy who's about to end his Elementary Days. Needless to say, the creator really did a great job in keeping the 'feels' of what it is to be an elementary boy; from having crushes, to doing 'that', to really funny and relatable curiosity and many more! It makes it nostalgic~ This game has the feels! The feels man, the feels! THIS GAME HAS IT!
Another thing that I want to point out is the story-line. Its good, actually, and I really cant wait to see whats going to happen in the newer projects!
For the artwork, you really cant go wrong with Akiら; its not too little, its not to much, its just the right amount (even the backgrounds!), in which, in my most honest opinion, is quite hard to achieve. Part of the artwork is the emotions that the characters show, and no doubt, the creator was successful on the deliver on this part.
The interaction between the user and the game itself is also one of its strong points! The game has features to offer than can really engulf the user into the story!
I really hope I get to see more of Shogakkou no Hibi SOON. (please be soon)
I give this a 10/10. Bravo, Magnifico, Double thumbs up, A standing ovation etc. etc.
Of course, even the best can still use some improvement, but right now, its perfect. I would really like to see what improvements the creator can give us on his new projects because it seems hard to top this one. To you guys, Pin this, watch this closely and may we see it grow to its fullest potential.
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blakemeup Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
yes pleaase no more long waits pleaaaaase ahahahaha!
rabboud Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
i like a little more detail, but if i ask too much it`s gonna be 4 to 5 year the wait, so yes good art!
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